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This is a song about Peter walking on the water from the account in Matthew 14: 24-32 (KJV)


He saw him in the darkness
At first he was afraid
Then he heard his Master call
“Come”, He simply said

He stepped onto the water
His heart was filled with faith
He walked mid stormy wind and waves
But he kept a steady pace

His eyes upon his Savior
He closed the distance fast
But nearly there he felt the fear
And called out for His grasp

Save me! Lord save me!
Can't you see I'm sinking fast
Save me! Lord save me!
On my own I'll never last

Sinking, drowning in despair]
He reached up for that hand
The one that made the universe
And has all at His command

In defiance of the raging sea
That tender hand brought him out
Safely in His arms he heard
Wherefore did you doubt?

When we are wrapped in darkness
And our burdens have us bowed
Grasp in faith the hand outstretched
And do not sink in doubt


He whose hand bears the scars
The pain of Calvary
His promises are firm and sure
And are meant for you and me

Do not fear and do not doubt
Though your pathway will be rough
The same hand that lifted Peter
Will be there to hold you up

Save me! Lord save me!
You are not beyond his grasp
Save me! Lord save me!
Take His hand and hold it fast
Hold it Fast