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Ever since I can remember I've wanted to be a cowboy. It never happened. But each summer when we would pile the kids in the van to drive from Spokane, WA to Ogden, UT to see Grandpa and Grandma we would go through Montana. Out the window, I would see thousands of cattle and dozens of cowboys, mostly on horseback. It would always bring back those long-buried dreams of being a cowboy. That's what this song is all about.


Driving Through Montana
© 2019 Craig Mecham

Driving through Montana
It happens every time
I dream that I’m a cowboy
And I go back in time
I start off with best intentions
Of keeping my city life
But soon I’m thinkin bout cows
And about my cowgirl wife

But I’ve never owned a pickup
I’ve never roped a steer
I’ve never chewed tobacco
I’ve never shot a deer
I’ve never smoked a Marlborough
I’ve never cared for beans
Never had a Skoal can
In the pocket of my jeans

Cattle dot the hillsides
Mountains scrape the sky
I see myself on horseback
Out on the range I fly
We’d have a bunch of cowboy kids
Spend all day on the range
Herding cattle here and there
When pastures should be changed


We’d ride through sagebrush meadows
With the cattle all around
Spend our day on horseback
And sleep out on the ground
Saddles for our pillows
To rest our weary heads
Hats to cover up our face
And blankets for our beds


All too soon I realize
That this could never be
I’ve never done those cowboy things
It really isn’t me
So I just keep on driving
To the city life I dread
I recognize those cowboy dreams
Are best left in my head

‘Cause I never wore a cowboy hat
Never had them boots
Never branded cattle
Never had a gun that shoots
I never mended fences
I never rode the range
I never bucked a bronc (pause)
And it’s too late to change