1. A Prayer
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I was asked to "sing a prayer" at the opening of the annual Tabernacle Summer Concert Series. In my faith tradition, we don't really "sing" prayers so this was a new thing for me. I decided, in order to be authentic, I would have to write one of my own. So this is it. I hope you enjoy it.


A Prayer
Dear God our Heavenly Father
We come to thee this day
A few grateful children
To raise our hearts and pray

We thank thee our dear Father
For the beauties of this earth
For language art and music
That enrich our souls from birth

We thank thee for the gift
That is thy Only Son
For His life and sacrifice
And the victory He has won

And now we plead most humbly
And fervently we pray
That we will feel thy love and peace
Not just now but every day

Fill our hearts with kindness
And love for one another
That we are no more strangers
But all sisters and all brothers

This is our prayer today
Unto thee let it ascend
That we may ever serve thee
In thy Son's name, Amen